Provincial Grand Chapter of
Hampshire and Isle of Wight

2019 SGC Ranks

Hampshire and Isle of wight

Grand Rank Appointments.

Supreme Grand Chapter - Appointments and Promotions

Invested on 25th April 2019



First Appointments

Mark Douglas ORSMOND*                                                              AGDC
*Mark has received an Active Rank

Jonathan BELL                                                                                PGStB

Stephen Henry BROWN                                                                  PAGDC

Brett CLARK                                                                                    PAGDC

Bryan David Esmonde JAMES                                                        PAGDC


Promotions                                                               From                To

Christopher Thomas Brooklyn DAVIS                    PAGDC           PAGSoj

Michael Leslie FULLER                                          PAGDC           PGStB

Michael John GOODY*                                           PAGDC           PGStB
*Through the Province of Dorset