Provincial Grand Chapter of
Hampshire and Isle of Wight



Announcement from the 1st Supreme Grand Principal his Royal Highness the Duke of Kent.

All Craft and Royal Arch meetings are

suspended for FOUR Months






All the information BELOW was sent out BEFORE the notice above.

Needless to say, the notice above superseeds all that below.

Corona Virus Outbreak advice and information for Chapters.

Advice regarding abandoning a Chapter Convocation during the present Corona Virus outbreak.
Note: This is to be read in conjunction with the latest advice available from UGLE/SGC and may be superseded by their advice.
Firstly a Chapter Convocation must not be cancelled see RA Reg 73 and BoC Reg 137, particularly the sentence beginning ‘There is no power to cancel any regular meeting, . . .’ However a meeting may be abandoned and ‘abandon’ and ‘abandoned’ are the words that should be used.
The circumstance under which a meeting may be abandoned is when there are insufficient members to hold the meeting, i.e. the Chapter does not have a quorum. In Chapter Terms a quorum is defined thus:
No Chapter should be opened unless there are five, and no ceremony of Exaltation worked unless there are seven companions present (excluding the Janitor and the candidate), of whom two must be members of the Chapter and three must be qualified to occupy the respective Principals’ Chairs. Further, that no conclave of Installed First Principals or Second Principals should be opened unless at least two such Principals are present (excluding the Janitor and Principal elect).
If the required quorum is not present, the Chapter should not be opened and the meeting must be abandoned. A statement must be entered in the Minute Book recording the fact. The form of words suggested is: ‘The Convocation of the Chapter on .. (give day and date).. was duly called in accordance with the attached summons. In the light of the advice given by Supreme Grand Chapter regarding the current Corona Virus Pandemic the required number of Companions needed to open the Chapter could not be assembled and the Convocation was abandoned’.
It should be particularly noted that the Deputy Grand Scribe Ezra says that a meeting may not be cancelled in advance of the day or time of the meeting; it may only be abandoned in the light of the circumstance prevailing at the time for which it has been summoned.
However, under the present circumstances a Scribe E of a Chapter will have a good idea as to whether the meeting is likely to be abandoned or not and I feel that he could reasonably intimate to the Companions of his Chapter that the meeting is highly likely to be abandoned.
Book of Constitutions and Royal Arch Regulations 2019 edition
Information for the Guidance of Members of the Craft 2019 edition
Masonic Etiquette Today Author: Graham Redman, Deputy Grand Secretary/Scribe E Publ: Lewis Masonic
Anthony Tykocki,PGStB
Provincial Grand Scribe E
14 March 2020



Advice (12/3/20) from UGLE

Advice (14/3/20) For Members