Provincial Grand Chapter of
Hampshire and Isle of Wight

Social Activities & Associations

We run a number of social events throughout the year, ranging from informal get-togethers, such as barbeques and skittles evenings for small groups of people to more formal dinners for members, their partners, families and friends.

As well as these social activities, many of us are also involved in local sporting and activity clubs including:

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Sailing Association

We are in the process of forming a sailing association for all active sailers in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. If you are interested in joining, please do get in touch.

Hampshire Masonic Bikers Association

Hampshire Masonic Bikers Association is an initiative of the Provincial Grand Master. It has the aim of applying that feeling of fellowship and camaraderie which exists in the Biker community, to the wider community and at the same time as raising the public profile of Freemasonry, creating greater awareness of the good work carried out in the community by Freemasons. The aim is to encourage Masonic and non-Masonic bikers to join, so that where bikers gather to talk bikes, admire bikes and plan road trips they will include Freemasonry in their conversation.

The Golf Society

A group of golfing enthusiasts meet regularly to play in the Province's own Golf Society, with games played across the South of England. From time to time, matches are arranged with other Masonic province's teams.